1. How do I post my job?
Posting a job on our website is very simple and easy. Go to our homepage and click on the "POST A NEW JOB" button. Fill in the necessary information in the form and submit to get free quotes.
2. Do I need to sign up to post a job?
You can post a job without an account, once the job is posted we will send you login details to access your dashboard to review all posted jobs and offers.
3. Do I have to pay any deposit when I post my job?
No, you do not need to pay a deposit when you post your job. The deposit is paid when you accept a bid on your job.
4. How will I receive the quotes?
You will receive quotes by email & to your dashboard. You can view all the offers on your job via your dashboard.
5. How many quotes am I likely to receive?
There is no limit as to how many quotes you will receive for your job. It entirely depends on number of transport providers interested in the job you posted.
6. How do I accept the quote and confirm the job?
You need to login to your dashboard where you will see a live update of all the bids made by the transport providers. Accept the bid which suits you best in order to confirm the job.
7. How much and when do I make the payment?
You will need to pay 15% of the price quoted when you accept an offer.
8. Are all the transport partners with their vehicles insured?
We carefully select our transport partners and make sure their insurance documents are up-to-date. Our transport partners are also CRB checked and are trained to securely and safely move your goods.
9. Will I get a refund if my job isn't completed?
If a job is not completed due to whatever reason we will refund the initial deposit to the customer.

Transport Partners

1. How do I register and what documents do I need?
In order to register, please go to our "Become a Transport Partner" page. Fill in the form and click on register now button. Once you registered upload required documents (copy of insurance, driving licence & vehicle image) on your dashboard in “Edit Profile” tab.
2. How can I bid for the jobs?
Go to our homepage and click on "Search Jobs" button. Find the jobs you are interested in and place your bid.
3. How I do know when my bid is accepted?
You will be notified if your bid is accepted via email and on your dashboard.
4. Can I change or cancel my offered price?
Yes, you can edit or cancel any offers made by logging in to your dashboard.
5. How much do I get paid and when?
Every job is subject to a 15% admin charges, the remaining amount is paid to you via your preferred method. The remaining amount will be paid directly from the poster of the job.
6. Is there any limit to the number of jobs I can book at a time?
There is no limit set for any transport providers. You can accept a number of jobs that are within your capacity, and as long as your quality of service is not compromised. However, we recommend that you only accept those jobs that you can easily carry out.